expat coaching in Haarlem, Amsterdam or near Schiphol

(Please note this is a short summary of the pages in Dutch, so do not hesitate to contact me for further information.)

Expat coach and psychologist

Are you looking for an English-speaking coach or psychologist in Haarlem of Amsterdam? You have found one! I can help you to make changes in your life.

For example, would you like to:

– have more energy,
– be more relaxed,
– learn how to cope with events or changes in your life,
– create a better work-life balance?

Do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can support you in moving forward.

Tijd voor verandering met coaching
coach werkt met positieve psychologie

How do I work?

Sometimes it is wise to get some help to solve your problems and talk about them with a professional. As a certified (expat) coach and psychologist, I can guide you through your process of change using methods based on positive psychology. These methods use your strengths and are focused on the future, instead of retrospectively concentrating on what is wrong.

We will set goals together and slowly move towards your goals step-by-step. Of course we will talk about the past, but only if it is relevant to achieving your goals in the future. Where applicable, I also use elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP and mindfulness to get fast and effective results.

Some examples of reasons to change are:

– being tired, not having a lot of energy,
– having problems falling asleep or lying awake for hours,
– ruminating a lot or not being able to enjoy life as much as you used to,
– being easily annoyed and cranky,
– tension-related pains, such as headache or pain in neck/shoulders,
– feeling as if you are stuck and you do not know how to move on.



It is possible to make an initial short appointment (free of charge) of 30 minutes if you wish to get acquainted and ask your questions before actually starting. You will only pay for this appointment if we agree to start the actual coaching. Usually it takes 6-8 sessions in total to achieve your goals.

The first session lasts 60-90 minutes
Regular sessions last 60 minutes


Sessions cost EUR 125 per hour (ex VAT). For individuals a special rate of EUR 85 (ex VAT) applies.
Often, employers are willing to pay for you, so please check with your manager.


Sessions take place in the ‘Coachhuis’ in Haarlemor Amsterdam (near the Vondelpark or Olympisch Stadion).

Coaching met positieve psychologie

Who is DePositieveCoach?

expat coach

Coach and psychologist:

My name is Karin Hageman and I have an MA in Clinical Psychology as well as a certificate in coaching. By combining the knowledge of these two fields, I can offer you the best of both worlds. This means that I work efficiently and focus on the future, but can use analytic techniques if required to get the best result for you.

I have worked in different fields of trade and industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad, which has given me a broad view of the world, considerable insight into different work environments and the opportunity to grow as a person. Expat coaching is the result of this.

During sessions I am someone who lets you do the talking, asks relevant questions and gives advice when needed. I am a down-to-earth kind of person, who is both practical and not afraid to laugh out loud.

I am a member of both NOBCO and NIP, professional organisations for coaches and psychologists in the Netherlands.


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